matt waler

I am a pragmatic web developer from Broadview Heights, Ohio.

I am highly eager, competent, and will never stop learning new technologies. I spend most of my time making JAMstack sites with the help of Nuxt, Tailwind, Netlify, and some flavor of Headless CMS.

Currently available for freelance & consulting

My two ridiculous sisters, Hannah and Emily.

Frontend Development

I can turn any design into a web app. I prefer Vue.js and PostCSS, but know my way around Node, Webpack, and plenty of other modern frontend tooling.

Backend Development

I use modern backend solutions like Headless CMSs and Static Site Generation to deploy lean and secure builds to Global CDNs.

Design & UX

While it is not my primary focus, I can whip up low-fidelity wireframes, and iterate them into full-fledged designs. I designed this very site!

"Is that all you do?"

Funny you should ask, I was just about to tell you.

I repeatedly pick up and put down heavy objects to make my muscles slightly bigger.

I have been known to drink a brew or two, but I am far past my Ohio University glory days.

I have been a competitive gamer since birth. I am currently hooked on Apex Legends.

Keeping It Simple, Stupid.

Like I stated before, I consider myself a pragmatic developer. I believe that simplicity and maintainability should always be paramount. I choose tooling that supports these beliefs like Vue.js and TailwindCSS, and vehemently implement programming methodologies like AHA and Mobile-first responsive development.

Contact Me

Enough talking about me. How can I help?