Matt Waler Fullstack Developer

The most easy-going web developer you'll ever meet.

I design, develop, deploy, and teach all things modern web development. I also love playing Tennis and lifting weights.

A selfie of yours truly.

What I do for a living.

Listed below you will find a comprehensive list of the skills and services that I provide for my clients.


I am constantly making sure the code I produce is WCAG compliant and accessible to all users, regardless of their disabilities. Nobody should have a poor experience when it comes to the web.

Backend Development

I can build full-blown traditional content management systems with Craft CMS, or headless APIs for accessing and consuming data with Node and GraphQL.


I am an expert at configuring continuous deployment and continuous integration. My tools of choice are DigitalOcean, Netlify, and GitHub Actions.

Frontend Development

My biggest strength is turning static mockups and designs into fully responsive codebases. I am proficient in the latest and greatest frontend frameworks like React, Vue, Svelte, and TailwindCSS.


Regardless of project type, I can configure servers, domains, and credentials to make sure everything is secure, performant, and dead-simple.

Web Consulting

I can observe, diagnose, and recommend solutions in all of the services listed on this very page.

Stuff I am working on.

A few pet projects that I spend my spare development time on. Check them out or view the source code on GitHub.

A little bit about me.

I'm an Ohio University graduate from Broadview Heights, Ohio. I love development, lifting, and the occasional blockbuster. I like to think I'm decently funny, but my friends can assure you that I am not.

Hitting the Gym

I try to hit the gym a few times a week to build those vanity muscles. My goal is to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

Listening to Audiobooks

Reading is difficult for me, but I love audiobooks. My favorite listen so far has been Thinking in Bets by Annie Duke.

Listening to Podcasts

When doing mundane tasks, I usually toss in my headphones and try to learn from others. I love Syntax and Fullstack Radio.

Playing Tennis

I played a lot of Tennis in High School, and have since rekindled the flame. Currently working on getting my topspin back to what it used to be.

Watching Movies

I absolutely love movies. I am a sucker for anything by Edgar Wright. My favorite film to date is Jojo Rabbit by Taika Waititi.

Web Development

You will often catch me researching, practicing, and trying out the latest and greatest to stay at the top of my game.

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