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I offer pair programming sessions for developers to help sharpen their skills with modern frontend tools and frameworks. Ask questions as you work alongside a living breathing person.

Frontend Development is constantly changing and evolving at breakneck speeds.

Keeping up can be difficult. That's why I started offering pair programming sessions.

Documentation is not always conducive to learning. It is oftentimes either too simple, or too advanced to answer the questions you may have. It also rarely delves into essential skills in modern frontend development like project scaffolding, organization, abstraction, and much more.

YouTube can be hit or miss as well. You may find exactly what you're looking for, but you'll most likely just find another bland step-by-step tutorial on how to build a todo app.

Pair-programming sessions open up a dialog for specific questions and practical experience working in the tools you want to get stronger with.

What I Can Offer.

I only teach the languages, tooling, and frameworks I know intimately.

The Big Names

The stuff we constantly hear about. These are the skills that can get you hired anywhere.

React Native

The Lesser Knowns

Tools you do not hear about nearly as much, but pack just as much punch, possibly even more so.

Craft CMS
Tailwind CSS


These are the tools that will up your game across the board.

VS Code

One Size Fits All Pricing.

Completely personalized sessions, all at one low price.

Meet & Greet
$0for 15 mins

A brief free session to get to know each other and determine if you are interested.

Completely Free
Talk Through Goals
Find Out Background
Become BFFs
Full Session
$45for 45 mins

A completely personalized pair-programming session to learn modern frontend development.

Personalized Session
Unlimited Questions
You Choose The Topics
Also Become BFFs

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